A feasibility study report's importance in the solar business

Kiran Beldar · Jul 23, 2023 · 9 mins read

A feasibility study report is of significant importance in the solar industry as it helps assess the viability and potential success of a solar project. Whether it's a small-scale solar installation or a large solar power plant, conducting a feasibility study is a critical step in the decision-making process. Here are some key reasons why a feasibility study report is essential in the solar industry:

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Assessment of Economic Viability: A feasibility study evaluates the economic viability of the solar project. It assesses the estimated costs, potential revenue generation, return on investment (ROI), payback period, and profitability. This analysis helps investors and stakeholders make informed decisions about the financial feasibility of the project.

Technical Feasibility Evaluation: The study examines the technical aspects of the solar project, including the suitability of the chosen location, solar resource assessment, solar panel technology selection, and grid connectivity. This ensures that the project can be executed with the available resources and adheres to technical standards.

Risk Identification and Mitigation: The feasibility study identifies potential risks and challenges that may arise during the implementation of the solar project. By understanding these risks, stakeholders can develop mitigation strategies to minimize uncertainties and ensure project success.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance: The study assesses the regulatory and legal requirements related to solar installations in the specific location. It ensures that the project complies with all relevant permits, licenses, and government policies, reducing the risk of delays or legal issues.

Environmental Impact Assessment: For larger solar projects, a feasibility study may include an environmental impact assessment to understand the project's potential effects on the environment. This is essential for sustainable and responsible development.

Comparison of Alternatives: A feasibility study allows for the comparison of different solar project alternatives. For instance, it can evaluate the feasibility of rooftop solar installations versus ground-mounted systems or the feasibility of off-grid solar solutions compared to grid-tied projects.

Market and Demand Analysis: The study analyzes the market demand for solar energy in the specific region and identifies potential customers or off-takers for the solar power. This helps understand the market potential and target audience for the project.

Feasibility of Financing Options: The report helps in evaluating the feasibility of financing options available for the solar project, including bank loans, grants, subsidies, and private investments.

Project Planning and Timeline: A feasibility study outlines the project's implementation plan, including the timeline, milestones, and resource allocation. This helps in realistic project planning and setting achievable goals.

Decision-Making Tool: Overall, a feasibility study report serves as a crucial decision-making tool for investors, developers, and other stakeholders. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the project's feasibility, helping them decide whether to proceed with the solar project or explore alternative options.

What is pre-feasibility study report of solar plant?

A pre-feasibility study report of a solar plant is a preliminary assessment conducted to evaluate the potential viability and feasibility of establishing a solar power plant. It serves as an initial investigation before conducting a detailed and comprehensive feasibility study. The pre-feasibility study provides an overview of the solar plant project, outlining its technical, economic, financial, and regulatory aspects.

Here are the key components typically included in a pre-feasibility study report of a solar plant:

Project Overview: Provide an introduction to the solar plant project, including the proposed location, capacity, and objectives.

Site Evaluation: Assess the suitability of the proposed site for the solar power plant. Consider factors such as solar irradiance levels, shading, land availability, accessibility, and proximity to grid infrastructure.

Solar Resource Assessment: Present an initial analysis of solar irradiance data to estimate the solar energy potential at the project site.

Technical Evaluation: Provide a high-level technical evaluation of the solar plant, including the type of solar technology to be used (e.g., solar photovoltaic or concentrated solar power), the choice of solar panels, inverters, and other system components.

Financial and Economic Analysis: Offer a preliminary financial analysis of the solar plant project, including an estimate of capital costs, operational expenses, revenue projections, simple payback period, and basic financial indicators like ROI and net present value (NPV).

Market Demand and Off-take Assessment: Conduct a preliminary analysis of the market demand for solar power in the project's region. Identify potential customers, off-takers, or power purchase agreement (PPA) opportunities.

Regulatory and Policy Review: Identify any regulatory and policy considerations that may impact the solar plant project, such as permitting requirements, renewable energy incentives, and compliance with local regulations.

Environmental and Social Considerations: Highlight potential environmental and social impacts associated with the solar plant and propose strategies for environmental sustainability and community engagement.

Risk Assessment: Identify preliminary risks and challenges that the project may encounter during development and operation. Outline potential risk mitigation measures.

Project Timeline and Next Steps: Provide an estimated timeline for conducting a full feasibility study and suggest the subsequent steps required to move the project forward.

The pre-feasibility study report helps stakeholders and investors make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a detailed feasibility study. If the pre-feasibility study indicates positive potential and feasibility, it can serve as the basis for conducting a comprehensive feasibility study. The full feasibility study will delve deeper into all aspects of the solar plant project, providing more detailed information and analysis to support decision-making and project planning.

For example:

Site Analysis and Site Topography

Ø Site Details:

  • Site Name:  Shopping Mall

  • Pin Code: 412004

  • Address: S. No. 210 B, Shiv Peth, Maharashtra

  • Consumer No: 150571486525

  • Connection Type: 55/LT II Comm

  • Billing Unit: 0524  (U)

Ø Latitude and Longitude: 18.68989827064169, 71.98862230676295

Area Assessment of the Location

Ø  The technicians have measured rooftop area of the site and total area found to install Solar Power Plant is 430 m2.

Untitled Draft-img

Fig. 1: Measurement of Rooftop Area

Ø Directional Assessment of Available Area:

 Untitled Draft-img

Fig. 2: Directional Assessment of Available Area

Identification of Shadow Creating Obstacles:

  • Tree Having the Height of 1.5 m

    Untitled Draft-img

Fig. 3: Shadow-Creating Obstacles

Ø Layout of  Rooftop Area of the Site:

Untitled Draft-img

Fig. 4: Layout of Rooftop Area

Metering Details:

Ø Metering Details:

Sanction Load of Meter: 10 kW

Tariff: LT-II Commercial

DTC: 5316306

Power Demand Calculation:

 Untitled Draft-img

Ø Recommendations on Solar Power Plant Installation:

  • The Average units per months = 1098 units in kWh

  • Average Units per Day = 1098/30Days = 36.6 Units

  • 1 kW Solar installation Produces 4 units of electricity per day. Hence kW size  required based on daily average consumption = 36.6/4 = 9.15 say 9 kW

  • As a Sanction load Capacity of Electricity Meter is 10 kW

  • The Roof top area available is 430 m2

  • As per the Thumb Rule 1kW of Solar Panel Installation requires 10m2 or 100 Sq. ft of Rooftop Area

  • Area Required for 9kW Project: 100 m2

  • Considering The state Policy which allows 100% Sanction Load Installation Capacity

  • So, we can go for 9 kW of Solar Project against 10kW Sanction Load

  • Hence, we recommend 9 kW of Solar System.


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